Thursday, December 9, 2010

Math GAME Choice Menu

We use the Everyday Math Program.  I made up the rules with the GAME acronym:
G= Get started quickly, A=Always take turns, M= Manners, E= End and clean up when bell rings.  I laminated a bunch of sentence strips.  I write the games on the strips as we learn them.  This way, I can erase and use it again each year.


Megan said...

How do you use your game choice menu? I like it! We use EDM, too.


Leslie said...

Thanks! The Math Menu helps us keep track of the games we have learned throughout the year. I post it on the Menu once we have learned it well. One of our stations is math games and 2 people go to that station. They are to choose a math game from the Math Menu to play. The games, as you know, are also played whole group throughout the year so the GAME instructions that you see at the top are reviewed when we play in partners as a whole class during math time. And if we ever have some spare time, I can just say, "Take your math tool box and choose a game to play from the Game Menu with your partner." I hope that makes sense. Thanks for stopping by! Leslie

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