Saturday, January 29, 2011

100th day of school will be here soon!

100th DAY of SCHOOL
Here are some ideas I have collected over the years from various locations.
  I do not claim ownership of any of these ideas.  
*100 piece puzzles
*fruit loop graph- count out 100 fruit loops and graph them according to color
*be silent for 100 seconds
If I had $100 dollars
I could eat 100 ______
In 100 years, _________  (crumple paper and draw a portrait of me at 100 years old)
*Create a picture using 100 sticker dots
*Count by 2s, 5s, 10s to 100
*Walk 100 steps
*100 day poem and song
*Write 100 words
*BOOK: 3 pages in the book:
100 days ago, I could not _________ but now I can!
 Title: 100 Days Smarter
*100 stamp book (10 pages with 10 stamps each)
*Read the story The Wolf's Chicken Stew. The wolf tries to fatten up the chicken by cooking 100 donuts, pancakes, etc. Serve 100 pancakes or doughnuts
*Read the book 100 Hungry Ants

More ideas...
*Give out hundreds counting charts. Students work in small groups. Using a die, each child takes a turn throwing the die and coloring their chart the same number as is shown on the die for their turn e.g. roll 5, color the first 5 squares, next turn, roll 3, color next 3 squares etc. The first child to get to 100, filling the entire grid is the winner. No prizes but applause from the group

Snack - Use one pretzel and two oval crackers to make the numeral "100". Using a oval template a little smaller than the cracker, cut two pieces of cheese to go on the cracker.
100 Day Crowns:  Cut a crown to fit each child's head.  Have 10 rubber stamps and stamp pads available. Each child stamps each of the 10 stamps 10 times. Then children can count the sets of 10 by tens to 100.  Children wear their 100 crown during the 100th day celebration.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wanted to share some of my room with you and some ways that I keep myself and my students organized.  Hope you enjoy!
These labeled boxes keep all my supplies at my fingertips!
I love using the lunch count to practice number skills, tally skills, and graphing skills.
These "magazine boxes' help divide the cubbyholes. Students place their lunch boxes and jackets on top of the boxes so that the boxes can be used as mailboxes. I place homework and papers in the boxes for students to collect when it is pack-up time.
The tooth chart is a HUGE class hit. When a student looses a tooth, he/she signs their name to the current month. We sing the tooth chant:
Alexis lost a tooth, let's all give a shout...
It wiggled and it jiggled and it ______right out.
(fell, she pulled, popped)
Sailing into the potty...
Students place their sailboat on the hook so we know who is in the bathroom.
 Encouraging independence with the "I can tie my shoes!" sticker chart. 
Our Daily Agenda

Daily Helpers: I just move the cards to the back each day so then the front cards show the daily helpers. 
 Materials Managers: I change these each Monday. These helpers pass out papers and materials to their tables as needed and are the leaders for their tables for the week.
I keep our class expectations on a ring so that it is portable and easy to pull out as a reminder to those that need reminders. :>)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

"good" ... BE GONE!
I began the day by greeting each child in the morning with... "It's grand to see you." It's spectacular to see you!" "It's super to see you." Etc. When writing time came, I gave each child a sticky note with one of the above words on it. I had them copy their words onto sentence strips and then I stapled them into hats. The students wore the hats and their words became their names for the rest of the day. "Spectacular Katelyn" "Grand T.J." "Lovely Campbell" and so on.You would have thought they were kings and queens! The kids LOVED this!

I gave a mini lesson about word choice, had each child bring their sticky word and place it on the board and read the following sentence.  I helped as needed.
I wrote a quick story using one of the words and we decided never to use the boring word "good" again. I then challenged students to use one of the words in their writing. Most did. It was a fun lesson and students got the point! There was much excitement in the air. A little motivation goes a lo-o-o-o-ng way! I am going to give each student a copy of the word sheet above to insert in their writing folder. Click on the picture at the top to download the word list for your students to use.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


OMG I have been wanting to make some flip books... like forever... so here's my first attempt.  I feel my students need more practice with base words and endings and I think the -ing and -ed flip books will help.  Not only are they visual, but kinesthetic with all the "flipping." I hope you find this useful with your students!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goods and Services

Use the interview below for students to complete a home writing project. Once students return the interviews, pass the microphone and have a share time.  Then, sort the interviews into "goods" or "services" or "both" and graph the results. This makes learning about "goods and services" meaningful. Click here for a goods and services online sort for students to complete. 

goods services family interview -
Words are SO powerful! Here are some of my favorite words, phrases and quick poems to say.  What are yours?
So expect them to be these things!
During writing, call them "writers and authors."
During math, call them "mathematicians."
During science, call them "scientists or geologists..."
During word study, call them "word experts."
During social studies, call them "economists or cartographers..."
During guided reading, call them "readers."

Is what you are talking about right now helping you as a scientist (or whatever)?  If not- then stop and let me hear scientist talk. 

Writers, today we are going to...

Great problem solving mathematician. 

2. "Wow! You should be really proud of yourself!" Notice I did not say "I am proud of you." We should try to build self-pride in our students so they build an internal desire to succeed and not always try to please others.   

3. Tell students what you want them to DO- not what not to do.  This is HUGE!  Say "you need to walk" instead of "stop running." Say "whisper" instead of "stop talking so loudly." 

4. 1,2,3,4 Put your bottom on the floor.
    5,6,7,8 Eyes looking, backs straight.

5. Hey, hey what are you going to say?
    What are you going to say when mom and dad ask...
    What did you do in school today?
    I love ending the day with this one with a discussion of  
    our day. 
I hope you found some words you can use!
  Please share your wonderful words!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Subtraction Sliders

copyright 2011 Leslie Bussey
What's the Difference?
 This was a "2 a.m. can't sleep" idea that I am so excited about ...I call them subtraction sliders!  I used pipe cleaners, beads, washers and a metal ring to hold it all together.  The point is for students to slide the beads to subtract.  Let's say the number sentence is 15-4 then the students would find the "15" slider and slide 4 away to find the difference.  Easy to make... takes a little time, but easy.  I am excited for students to have this hands-on visual to use for subtracting.  I am going to have a parent volunteer make a few more for me to use with my class.  

Math "Spin the Wheels"

What a TERRIFIC Target find! 
The top is for addition and the bottom for subtraction.
You spin the wheels to add and subtract.
They were 4.99 each and in the stationary
and school supplies area.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Word Work

Word Work

This can be used as part of your word work station
or incorporated into your daily or weekly routines
as a challenge...something new for the new year.

Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year 2011!
Each morning of this new year, when you gather your students to begin the day, begin with a big smile and say... "I am so glad to see you this morning!" It will set a positive tone for the day for you and your students and make each student feel special. Try it! It really makes a difference. 

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