Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Ornament CHEAP, Easy, Fast, and Adorable

OK- This was one of those "light bulb"  Hallelujah moments!  I used to do these snowmen ornaments on the round Christmas balls- the ones that take up tons of space, the ones that can break, the ones that are difficult to find if you wait till the last minute.  You get the idea.  I kept trying to think of something else to use to create these ornaments.  While in a building supply store one day looking at paint samples, I came across the lovely paint and wood samples that already have a nice little hole at the top.  Using that brain for something other than a hat rack, I collected enough for 3-4 years worth of students.  Each year, I pull them out, spray paint the fronts with metal/wood spray paint.  I use a royal blue.  Then, I dip each child's finger into white acrylic paint, slide the finger across the bottom to look like snow and then use the finger tip to make 3 dots for the snowman's body.  When this dries, I let each child use permanent markers to add decorations.  I keep a silver Sharpie on hand for the kids to use, as well.  This is a CHEAP and adorable ornament for the students to make for their parents.  I tie a pretty red ribbon bow through each hole and type the following poem to attach:  This isn't just a snowman as anyone can see.  I made it with my finger which is a part of me.  Now each year when you trim the tree you'll look back and recall, Christmas 2010 when my hand was just this small.     

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Megan said...

Love this idea! Very clever!

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