Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wanted to share some of my room with you and some ways that I keep myself and my students organized.  Hope you enjoy!
These labeled boxes keep all my supplies at my fingertips!
I love using the lunch count to practice number skills, tally skills, and graphing skills.
These "magazine boxes' help divide the cubbyholes. Students place their lunch boxes and jackets on top of the boxes so that the boxes can be used as mailboxes. I place homework and papers in the boxes for students to collect when it is pack-up time.
The tooth chart is a HUGE class hit. When a student looses a tooth, he/she signs their name to the current month. We sing the tooth chant:
Alexis lost a tooth, let's all give a shout...
It wiggled and it jiggled and it ______right out.
(fell, she pulled, popped)
Sailing into the potty...
Students place their sailboat on the hook so we know who is in the bathroom.
 Encouraging independence with the "I can tie my shoes!" sticker chart. 
Our Daily Agenda

Daily Helpers: I just move the cards to the back each day so then the front cards show the daily helpers. 
 Materials Managers: I change these each Monday. These helpers pass out papers and materials to their tables as needed and are the leaders for their tables for the week.
I keep our class expectations on a ring so that it is portable and easy to pull out as a reminder to those that need reminders. :>)

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Katie King said...

I love your blog! Any chance you would be willing to share your I can tie my shoes chart? I would love to implement in my room!

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