Sunday, February 13, 2011

When my BLOG is linked from another BLOG; like the adorable Fun in First BLOG at   it says I updated a month ago when in reality I update every week.  Can anyone help me solve this problem?  I am not sure how to correct this.  I removed the "subscribe by email" feed thinking that may be causing part of the problem so I apologize to the fabulous followers who were subscribed by email.  ??? I added that back.  It seems to be STUCK on this 'word work' post posted a month ago.  Frustrating!  I am hoping my BLOGGER friends can help me.  Thanks! Leslie


Jodi said...

Thanks for the shout out :) Your blog is updating now because I just linked to it from my site and it said you had just updated.

Mrs. Bussey said...

Yeah! SOOOOOO glad it is fixed! Thanks to all who emailed me helpful info and advice and for letting me the problem was fixed. Awesome!

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