Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Subtraction Sliders

copyright 2011 Leslie Bussey
What's the Difference?
 This was a "2 a.m. can't sleep" idea that I am so excited about ...I call them subtraction sliders!  I used pipe cleaners, beads, washers and a metal ring to hold it all together.  The point is for students to slide the beads to subtract.  Let's say the number sentence is 15-4 then the students would find the "15" slider and slide 4 away to find the difference.  Easy to make... takes a little time, but easy.  I am excited for students to have this hands-on visual to use for subtracting.  I am going to have a parent volunteer make a few more for me to use with my class.  

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Rachelle and Brian said...

How genius, yet so simple! Thanks for sharing!


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