Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Words are SO powerful! Here are some of my favorite words, phrases and quick poems to say.  What are yours?
So expect them to be these things!
During writing, call them "writers and authors."
During math, call them "mathematicians."
During science, call them "scientists or geologists..."
During word study, call them "word experts."
During social studies, call them "economists or cartographers..."
During guided reading, call them "readers."

Is what you are talking about right now helping you as a scientist (or whatever)?  If not- then stop and let me hear scientist talk. 

Writers, today we are going to...

Great problem solving mathematician. 

2. "Wow! You should be really proud of yourself!" Notice I did not say "I am proud of you." We should try to build self-pride in our students so they build an internal desire to succeed and not always try to please others.   

3. Tell students what you want them to DO- not what not to do.  This is HUGE!  Say "you need to walk" instead of "stop running." Say "whisper" instead of "stop talking so loudly." 

4. 1,2,3,4 Put your bottom on the floor.
    5,6,7,8 Eyes looking, backs straight.

5. Hey, hey what are you going to say?
    What are you going to say when mom and dad ask...
    What did you do in school today?
    I love ending the day with this one with a discussion of  
    our day. 
I hope you found some words you can use!
  Please share your wonderful words!

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