Monday, March 21, 2011

Tanya and Mrs. Scoma
Email your snail mail address and I will get this in the mail to you ASAP. I can't wait to hear how you and your students use this fun tool. 
Both "walks" are now available at...
 Ending time to enter to win a " Story Walk and Talk" is Saturday morning, 10:00 a.m. eastern time.
Story Walk: I give full credit of this idea to Kathy Bumgardner .Her website is   However, her version did not quite meet my needs in first grade, so I rallied some assistance from my first grade team to come up with this first grade friendly version and I call it "Story Walk and Talk." You use it to assist students with retelling a story- in a fun way! One side is for fiction and if you flip it over, the other side is for nonfiction. So, the student walks the "path" and retells the story using the prompts to guide them. Isn't that just the coolest??  I think so! So, I want to share one with TWO lucky bloggers. Keep reading to find out how to win your colorful and laminated, ready-to-use "story walk and talk!"

Here's how to win your "story walk and talk."
It will be printed in black and white, with each page mounted onto colored construction paper. It includes 9 pages laminated together to make a long "path."  One side will be for fiction retelling with the other side for nonfiction retelling.
I will randomly select 2 lucky winners that will receive  their very own Story "Walk and Talk," via snail mail, to use in their classrooms, laminated and ready to use!  Winners will be announced Saturday, March 26th. 
  • 1. Tell 1 person about this BLOG: Send my BLOG address to a teacher friend that may not know about it.
  • 2. Follow this BLOG.
  • 3. Leave a comment below saying that you have completed #1-3 and in the comment share your # 1 class management idea or any idea you picked up from a recent conference, book, professional development or web site because we can ALL learn from each other.


Mrs. Scoma said...

I already follow your blog, and I sent your site to my 2 teammates bc I love the walk & talk idea! :) (neither of them blog, so I have to be their gateway!)

The management tip that I've used successfully is having my kids turn "train style" when I'm teaching. We sit around a table in cooperative groups, and not all kids face the board all the time. This way, they turn their chairs as if the front of the train is me, and then they're all looking my way!

Sass Class said...

I am now a follower of your blog. I just found it recently.

I'd loveto win!!!

Jeanie said...

I'm a new follower and new blogger too. I sent your site to my sister who also teaches and introduced me to blogging. I'm a new first grade teacher so I'm always hunting for wonderful ideas. Your post mentioned something about stretch. I have been using the book, Writer's Workshop for our writing time and we just discussed stretching words to help spell and sound them out. I never had a better class journal entry as I did that day. The kiddos really got stretching the words.

Wendi said...

I'm a follower, and I've sent your blog addy to a first grade teacher pal. She's gonna LOVE it!

I use the clipchart as a class management tool to reward kids for good behavior, attitude, etc. Here's a link to a free e-book on how to use it.
I ordered my clip chart through Vista Print as a free banner by downloading an image of it. My 2nd graders are really motivated to clip up and seldom have to clip down. I love this because it allows me to focus on the positive instead of dwelling on negative behaviors.

Melissa said...

I just became a follower and told a teacher at school about your site. I've used the elastic idea for stretching out words - it's a great visual. A few weeks ago I saw the clipchart system that Wendi mentioned and am already preparing it to use next year. I like response call to get their attention - 1 -2 : eyes on you - or clapping a rhythm and have them repeat it. It gets everyone involved and ready to listen.

Mrs. Bussey said...

Love the "train style" Mrs. Scoma.
Wendi- thanks for the free ebook link- I can't wait to check it out! Welcome Jeanie. :>) Melissa, I love that rhythm clapping, too. Love your ideas everyone.

Conchy said...

I follow your blog. My teammates and I use your ideas, because I like to share good ideas I find on blogs.


carol said...

I already follow your blog and have found many useful ideas and have shared your blog with my team. Just this last week I used your idea for writing that you posted Jan 22nd entitled "good ... BE GONE" for a lesson I was being observed for. I did the headbands and sticky notes along with having the kids use some interesting words in their writing. It was a great lesson and the principal was very impressed. Thanks you so much for posting that idea. In fact I just wrote about it on pro teacher replying to a post from someone looking for an idea for her observation. I originally couldn't remember where I found the idea but after searching I found it and and replied in a later post listing your blog.

Mrs. Bussey said...

Thanks Conchy! So glad you and your colleagues find the BLOG useful.- And- Carol, I was thrilled to hear the "Good be gone!" worked well for you for your observation-how exciting! Thanks so much for sharing that great news. Thanks for your kind comments. Wendi- I really want to know more details about the clip chart-sounds really neat. I downloaded the book. I may give this a try next year. Thanks everyone!

Gladys said...

I follow your blog! I emailed your site to two of my coworkers! I think your blog is are full of creative ideas!

Thanks for sharing!

I use the clipchart as a class management tool.


Tanya said...

I am already a follower of your blog. I told a grade level colleague about your blog, in fact I used her smartboard to show her your blog, and I added it to her favorites on her computer!

My current favorite classroom management technique comes from Chris Biffle at Whole Brain Teaching. It's called the "Class, Yes". It's a whole class response to your command. Similar to the 1,2,3, eyes on me; 1,2, eyes on you. But I find this faster and more effective.

Natalie Marie said...

I'm already a follower of your blog & LOVE the walk & talk - I must get my hands on a copy! If I don't win this giveaway (fingers crossed), I hope that you will make it available (even for purchase!) So cute!

I sent your link to my teammate. Neither of us blog, but love the ideas, tips, & encouragement we get from reading other teachers' blogs!

One management tip that I love is incorporating kid yoga into class. Whether it is a simple stretch or breathing routine, it seems to help calm & center my students! (And they love it!) "The Kids Yoga Deck" or "Yoga Pretzels" includes great cards to lead stretches & there are several books that can aid kid yoga too!

Life of A First Grade Teacher said...

I already follow your blog, and love all the cute ideas. I recently shared your site with my coworker who is a new teacher.
I would love to win the walk and talk. Anything to make learning fun and exciting.

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