Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Fun!

I use the "Spring" poem for shared reading and to review long vowel patterns oa, ee, ea, compound words and ending -ing and -s. We act it out and add our own sound effects. I recorded the kids using "audacity"- if you haven't used it you should check it out! I will add the audacity file to our class BLOG so students can click to hear themselves.  We explored Ed Emberley's site and discussed his use of fingerprint illustrations and then the kids went to work illustrating in this style. They had a blast! They turn out really cute and add a bit of spring to the hallways.


Fran Kramer said...

I really love your site and the things you create. You have so many amazing ideas and I am so excited to have found this site.

Mrs. Bussey said...

Thank you so much Fran! I appreciate your kind words and am so glad you took the time to comment. You made my day.

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